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This blog describes some of the research issues emerging from the making of the film ZeitEYE – which is a rapid montage of stills, illustrating innovations in the arts and media since 1900.

Bob Cotton MMX

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  1. Hi Bob
    I made it to the blog! It makes delightful reading. Thank you so much for letting me use this for first year students. I’m quite excited to witness the reaction. I’ve watched ZEITeye four times this evening and you are right each time you view it the rush gets bigger and bigger.
    It’s been quite an exciting evening – I think I must have a lie down now.
    Again, thank you so much for your help
    very best

  2. Hello Professor Cotton

    I am a Graphic Design student at AUCB and Rodger Gould showed us Zeit-EYE and it’s insane but amazing at the same time. He informed us that you love music and that you are a researcher. In your experience of being a researcher and a music lover you must have come across copies of designs. Im doing an essay on Locating Contemporary Practice and I am doing it on the Elvis Presley debut album and how it has been copied through time and I was wondering weather you could answer some questions i had on the matter in your personal opinion.

    1. What is your opinion on the notion of copying other designers work in whatever context of music design?
    2. The Elvis cover has been homaged through The Clash and spoofed by K.d. Lang but in what context do you think Tom Wait used it for Rain Dogs and especially F-Punk by Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones having been in The Clash?
    3. What are your opinions on The Clash design and the way in which Ray Lowry used it?
    4. Does it ultimately mean when you see artists using the Elvis Music art or even The Clash’s music art make you look at it and judge it differently?
    5. Should anyone use it again? Should anyone have used the design after The Clash as the notation of copying them comes into play?
    6. Do you think that The Clashes design stands out more than the Elvis Design?

    Thank you for your time, I know it is not completely with in context of your Ziet-EYE work but I believe that your opinion is more valid for my project.

    Rory MacColl

  3. Sir, Are you the same Bob Cotton from Newham College,

    • yes I was there 1970-1990. Were you there then? mail me a photo – I’ve a better memory for faces than for names..

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