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ZeitEYE is a film about innovation in the media and the arts since 1900. It attempts to trace the significant developments in all the various strands of the media and the arts that together contribute to the 21st century media landscape. It does this by showcasing stills and graphics, and portraits of the innovators, and setting these against close-ups of the eyes of significant contributers or interpreters of the zeitgeist for each decade since 1900. My theory (along with Marshall McLuhan) is that artists express the spirit of an age through their work. They ‘see’ the zeitgeist more clearly than others, because according to McLuhan, they are the only ones amongst us who truly live in the present (which is why they always seem ahead of their time). Unlike the rest of us who view the present as though through a rear-view mirror. So the central artefacts of media and arts innovation are set against a back-drop of the eyes of artists, celebrities, performers, scientists and designers who have come to characteise aspects of their age…


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