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This is the study of the interaction of people, media and machines within the digital environment. It emerges from the complex inter-relationships between computers and networks, humans, human society and the media – the way that almost every aspect of our culture (including the sciences, arts, civic life, entertainment, fiscal, economic and business sectors) is increasingly underpinned by digital networks. Understanding this ecology is the new literacy of the 21st century.

We want to focus on building an awareness of the components of the Digital Media sector, looking at individual components first, then exploring how these components inter-relate to the network and to other components – for example how mobiles interact with GPS, with local information services, with commercial restaurant and hotel databases, with Google Maps and StreetViews. Understanding this and the other complex inter-relationships between media and networks, between innovation and new business models, between social networks and the individual, – all these intertwined and enmeshed relationships and dependencies, amounts to understanding an entirely new ecology – The Digital Media Ecology.

““Media ecology looks into the matter of how media of communication affect human perception, understanding, feeling, and value; and how our interaction with media facilitates or impedes our chances of survival.

Neil Postman: “The Reformed English Curriculum.” in A.C. Eurich, ed., High School 1980: The Shape of the Future in American Secondary Education (1970).


The Digital Media Ecology (or Environment) is where media arts-engineering innovation takes place. It is where new business is generated, new business models are created, technical innovation and new product development takes place. It is where entrepreneurs are fostered.

That is, where engineering, software design, computer science, ICT, graphic design, film-making, games design, web-design, e-commerce,online publishing, ebooks, VOIP/video conferencing/social video networking, and product-design come together with new models of distribution, innovative marketing and advertising, and sophisticated customer-relations management to create new businesses, new services, new products.

It is where citizens and consumers, charities and self-help organisations, ginger groups, lobbyists and pressure groups monitor big politics, big business and big science.

This is where innovation in products, services, entertainment, education and the arts takes place, It is the venue for life-long learning, digital cottage industries, mass-media broadcasting, publishing and telecommunications. It is the world where EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, INFORMATION ARTS, KNOWLEDGE-MANAGEMENT and BUSINESS, BANKING,  and POLITICS takes place.





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